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INT. The National Theatre, Oslo, 29. March – 27. May, 2011

Parent Meeting is based on observations and interviews with parents, nursery pedagogues, psychiatrists and psychologists on the theme of taking responsibility for children. The performance space is a nursery where the audience are cast as parents and sit alongside the performers using the setting of a parent meeting. The audience are given the role of resourceful parents; people who are good at talking and used to being listened to.

Participants: Actors from The National Theatre, a man from Kosovo, Albania, a Vietnamese woman and two children.

Duration: 90 minutes.

Script and direction: Toril Goksøyr og Camilla Martens
Set design and costumes: Olav Myrtvedt
Lighting design: Ingeborg S. Olerud
Dramaturge: Oda Radoor

Actors: Ågot Senstad, Arben Bala, Heidi Goldmann, Ole Johan Skjelbred, Stine Mari Fyrileiv, Kai Remlov, Emil Johnsen, Birgitte Larsen, Henrik Mestad, Bang Chau Thu Nguyen


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