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EXT. KORO/Public Art Norway, Oslo, 19. – 22. September, 2009 and Liverpool Biennale 2012

The performance was an official opening of a Palestinian embassy.

The Palestinian flag as a hot air balloon with ‘Palestinian Embasssy’ written in English and Arabic glides over the city. Inside the balloon basket prominent politicians and academics discuss the Palestinian people’s situation and their limited democratic and diplomatic latitude. Ambassadors representing the Palestinians, dr. Mustafa Barghout, Nobel’s peace prize nominee in 2010 and human rights activist Hanin Shakrah. With them Stein Tønnesen (former director of PRIO – Peace Research Insitute, Oslo) facilitating the discussions between the academics and politicians. The conversations were broadcast live to the audience on the ground watching the balloon.

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Participants: Palestinian and Norwegian politicians and academics, five dancers, a child, an old man and two pilots, the audience.

Duration: 90 minutes

Ambasadors: Mustafa Bargouthi og Hanin Shakrah
Hosts: Gada Azam og Fida Amin
Moderator: Stein Tønnesson
Debaters: Morten Høglund og Mads Gilbert
Speakers: Harald Stabell, Venke Aarethun, Mads Gilbert, Morten Høglund, Ingebjørg Lundevall og Nils Butenschøn
Dancers: Ibrahim Shaikha, Abdelhafiz Alhamad, Motaz Kanan, Sufyan Hannon og Rami Jundia
Singer: Rola Bkheet
Poets: Nidal Hamad og Mahmoud Hajjar
Pilot: Mikael Klingberg
Pilot assistant: Per-Olav Holtebu
Camera: Bjørn Frode Holmgren og Ole Reinert Omvik