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CARE AFTER (life #5)

INT. Nationaltheatret, 2013

CARE AFTER is based on interviews and observations made visiting hospitals and nursing homes. The performers are a combination of performers from The National Theatre and amateurs.

The performance is made of three parts - the first one the audience are observing a dementia ward from a four-meter high scaffolding. The second part they are seated on stage and invited to share their own experience of caring. In the third one, three adult siblings are sharing their inheritance after their mother’s death, in their childhood home.

(project media)

Script, direction: Toril Goksøyr og Camilla Martens
Set design, costumes: Olav Myrtvedt
Sound design: Per Christian Revholt
Lighting design: Ingeborg S. Olerud
Dramaturge: Oda Radoor

Cast: Kai Remlov, Liv Bernhoft Osa, Laila Goody, Mattis Herman Nyquist, Nader Khademi, Ole Johan Skjelbred, Andrine Sæther, Nina Røhder, Anne-Karin Kjeldset, Fred Borg, Haakon Aars, Maj Johansen, Inger Johanne Ravn, Oddrun Nøring, Alva Pauline Gjerde.