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INT. The National Theatre, Oslo, 19. January – 15. February, 2008

A performance without words based on interviews with twenty single mothers in Oslo, who live under the poverty line. The performance space was a reconstructed bedsit flat. The audience observed a woman changing her clothes, drinking tea, watching TV, brushing her teeth, before she makes her bed, swallows a glass full of sleeping tablets and dies. In Goksøyr & Martens ´version of Franz Xaver Kroetz´s play, the woman was a single mother on social security, with responsibility for her eight year old boy.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Script: Franz Xaver Kroetz and Goksøyr & Martens
Translation: Finn Iunker
Direction: Toril Goksøyr og Camilla Martens
Set design and costumes: Olav Myrtvedt
Lighting design: Ingeborg S Olerud
Dramaturge: Mari Moen

Cast: Maria Henriksen, Jesper Nordang Halvorsen, Stein Edward Løvold Gaukstad


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