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Art project for the newspaper Morgenbladet, September 9th, 2005

The project was a simulated election campaign covering a double page in the newspaper Morgenbladet. The campaign portrayed the artists Goksøyr and Martens cradling a baby each in their arms. The image mimicked the Norwegian labour parties election campaigns from the 40ties and 50ties. Women then were often presented in firm and yet very romanticised postures. There was a a dialog between the women. Goksøyr: ”Norwegian women work the most, give birth to more babies and breast feed longer than any other women in Europe.” Martens replies: ”WOW”. Goksøyrs line is building on facts from the Norwegian bureau of statistics(SSB), 2005. Under the picture was printed a slogan: Goksøyr & Martens for the future!
The campaign was exhibited three days before the Norwegian election.

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