(news about ongoing project) February 23

Premiere THE DAUGHTER (life #3)


“You put Ane first, even though that was my child, my firstborn.”

It’s a bright morning. A woman and a man wake around the same time but stay in bed longer than they should, because the children are still asleep. Soon they’ll have breakfast, then heave their bikes onto the car and set off to where they went camping last year. The oldest daughter
has decided to stay home. She’s invited some friends round to celebrate her 18th birthday. Which is fine, because they’re sensible girls. And anyway, her mum has said she’d look in on them during the evening. At least, she said she would. But what if she doesn’t turn up?

THE DAUGHTER is a story about a family. About my children and your children, and the one who’s here only some of the time, because she’s mostly at her mother’s. It’s a tale of how everything can fall apart in one night, even when we all want the same thing.

THE DAUGHTER is our latest performance, and the third part of the pentalogy LIFE. The premiere is on February 23 2019 at Det Norske Teatret. Tickets can be bought here.